Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

In a world obsessed with numbers and degrees, the focus on character is negligible and grossly overlooked. Values build character and are the guiding force for all the decisions that we make in life. Early years, being the most crucial stage in a child’s life, is the best time to sow the seeds for these values.

At Supaksha, these values are seamlessly weaved into a day’s routine, so they are deeply imbibed into your child’s beautiful spirit by experiencing, observing and practicing.

With the aim to lay a strong foundation for your child, we have identified values that we believe are fundamental to becoming better human beings. While creativity is the heart of Supaksha, these six values form our soul.


We walk the talk of joy in every small thing we do.


Truthfulness to self and to others


We believe in ourselves and follow our dreams with no bounds.


We recognize and are thankful for what we are blessed with.


We practice respect and love towards all.


We act thoughtfully and responsibly in everything we undertake.