Ah! The summer break is here. And so is the dilemma for parents of ‘how to engage my child’s energies constructively in these two months?’. How about identifying the innate interests of your child and choosing a program tailored to the same? And if you don’t know what might interest your child yet, why not let them be explorers who fiddle, create and learn as they discover their passion? After all, the future belongs to the curious.


Summer Unwind 2018

Supaksha launches its first edition of the ‘Supaksha Summer Unwind’, a five-week roller coaster ride for kids aged 1.5-12 years where we take children on an adventure trip filled with creativity, learning, finding hidden passions, making new friends and some sweat shedding that ends on a high note with a Grand Finale performance by the children. The Summer Unwind is designed to satisfy the age-appropriate curiosity and tend to the creative needs of your child, offering a diverse set of programs to choose from.

So here is a sneak peek into what you shouldn’t miss this summer.

‘Ubharte Kalakar’ for the young explorers.
Whether your child has multiple passions or whether he/she is yet to venture into the world of Dance, Drama, Art & Craft, Cooking, crazy Science experiments or any other form of art, this program by Shape Up Kids ensures that your child is exposed to some flavor of various art forms.

Age Group: 3 – 12 years
Timings: 9 – 12 noon (Monday – Friday)

‘Maa & Me’ for the mom & toddler duo.
A special unwind for the moms and toddlers, wherein together you explore the world of Music, Art and Craft, Cooking and bond over tons of other surprise activities conducted by Shape Up Kids.

Age Group: 1.5 – 3 years
Timings: 10 – 12 noon (Monday – Friday)

‘Natkhat Khiladi’ for the energetic athletes and sports enthusiasts.
Do you find your child kicking, catching or throwing everything that comes in his/her way? If yes, your child might be the next big sports star. Build on your child’s fitness and unleash his/her sports potential with Sports Zone’s tailored program (developed in Hong Kong) for young adults. The activities include mini football, mini basketball, gymnastics and a unique physical fitness program among others, that help your child become stronger, smarter and healthier.

Age Group: 3 – 10 years
Timings: 5 – 6 pm (thrice a week)

‘Vichitra Vaigyaanik’ for the Little Einsteins and crazies.
Who says you need a lab coat and big specs to be able to explore your love for Science? WonderLab & Sparkle Science have crafted a program for your child to come and have fun with Science. From slimy liquids to microscopic observations and crazy lab experiment to evolution of life, it covers everything that will develop a lasting love for Science in your child. We promise it’s not boring. You will know when you listen to all the jaw-dropping stories from your kids.

Age Group: 3 – 12 years
Timings: 5 – 6.30 pm (Monday to Friday)

‘Dance Basti’ for the movers and groovers.
“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” – Vicki Baum (a renowned Austrian writer). Give your child the perfect gift of happiness, lots of music and a group of inseparable friends bound by the same passion. In this dance program, Choreotheque – with their best choreographers in town and years of experience of working with children – will package everything from kid-friendly Bollywood to Jazz Funk and Contemporary Dance, that will have your child tapping their way into becoming a poised dancer.

Age Group: 2 – 12 years
Timings: 5 – 6 pm (twice a week)

‘Nautanki Unlimited’ for the born Dramebaaz.
Children are natural mimics and they love drama. This drama program by Spin-a-yarn will hone the actor in your child, allowing him/her to expand their creative boundaries, evolve their dramatic presentation, transform on stage and immerse themselves in the character and story. This program infuses theatrics in the very being of children and boosts their confidence. Next time when you bump into a great actor, pay close attention as it might be your child.

Age Group: 7 – 12 years
Timings: 5 – 7 pm (once a week)

‘Adbhut Tales’ for the ones living in the fantasy land.
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the World.” – Albert Einstein. Spin-a-yarn guides your child onto an imaginary journey, full of heartfelt moments, mysterious twists, fun highs and gripping depths that will open your child’s mind. Each workshop ends with a value-able takeaway so your child doesn’t miss out on the flavor of dadi maa ki kahaniyaan that will help cultivate imagination and divergent thinking, and develop empathy in him/her.

Age Group: 3 – 7 years
Timings: 5 – 6 pm (once a week)

Want to know more about any program? Reach out to us at +91 9555965599 or summerunwind@supaksha.com. And follow Summer Unwind on Facebook to stay on top of all updates.

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