Supaksha meaning “with beautiful wings”, is an early learning habitat for children. Like a butterfly – each so different in size, design and color yet symbolizing a beauty so unique to them – every child is unique. Conceptualized on the same fact, Supaksha strives to celebrate the individuality of your child by giving him or her the wings of freedom – freedom to discover, choose, explore, express, experiment and create. We recognise that children have different development needs and embrace their uniqueness by allowing every child to learn at their own pace.

“Every student can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way.” - George Evans

Nurturing Free Minds

Education in its truest form should be liberating. It should be about how to think and not what to think. At Supaksha, our role is to nurture free minds, minds that are free from any stereotypes; minds that can create and not ape, minds that can navigate through the challenges of life without any fear, minds that do not need conditioning to perform.

Our Mission

Every child leads their own journey to develop through the first years of life. With the objective of providing an environment that helps children imbibe deeper ethical values, Supaksha nurtures the tender hearts into becoming strong, independent and better human beings.

At Supaksha, your child would be meticulously mentored to develop respect and love for everyone around, exhibit gratitude for a beautiful life, enjoy the freedom to explore and express, celebrate the joy of existence, grow with a responsibility mindset and thoughtfulness, and practice honesty in thoughts and actions.

Our Approach

The entire team at Supaksha aims to support and guide your child through these early years and lay a strong foundation through value-based Montessori education. Our approach encompasses these four pillars and we strongly believe that their role in a child’s development is paramount.

Close to nature

Montessori-inspired curriculum

Value-focused education

Parent partnership


Every parent wants to provide the best for their child. At Supaksha, the facilities go beyond generous infrastructure and attractive classrooms, and are designed for safety, hygiene, interactions and playfulness. A lot of thought has gone into ensuring that your child feels safe, stress-free and close to nature during his or her time at the habitat.