Every parent wants to provide the best for their child. But whenever facilities are discussed, the entire focus is on the features of latest technology, play equipments and infrastructure. However, very little is said about the benefits and their role in learning and development of the children.

At Supaksha, we have sat through the smallest of details with the industry experts to provide an environment where your child feels safe, stress-free and close to nature. Our facility goes beyond generous infrastructure and attractive classrooms and is designed for safety, hygiene, interactions and playfulness.

To ensure that your child is focused on learning and having fun, we have given extra care to the following:


From the moment a child steps into the Habitat, we make sure to keep the young explorer at play. Our nature-inspired interiors are designed to provide a positive environment for learning. Spacious classrooms with abundant natural light and appealing designs, and designated play and activity areas will absorb your child, taking him or her to a dream world.


The abundance of nature stimulates creativity and makes everyone feel active and happy. Our private safe outdoor area with a sandpit, jungle gym and other exciting swings will ensure your child gets ample amusement time in the greens and will connect with nature.


We believe that a clean body, clear mind and tidy surroundings stimulate learning. Every member of the Supaksha family is trained in personal grooming and hygiene. To provide a healthy and clean environment, we have installed a fresh air filtration system and follow a strict cleaning schedule in the facility.

Safety & Security

Our commitment to safety is as clear as ABC “Always Be Careful”. A lot of thought has gone into taking extra measures to enable freedom for your child. CPR-trained staff, regular safety audits of the building and equipments, CCTV cameras, access control, strict appointment-only visitor policy are some of our ways to ascertain your child’s safety.

Aesthetically and functionally, our habitat is aligned with our central theme of nurturing free minds.