“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” - Aristotle


It has been proven that there is a lot more to a child’s education than literacy. Each child is born with an innate desire to learn and explore rather than be restricted by thoughts and resources. So there is a higher need to create learning experiences that go beyond conventions.

Supaksha is the marriage of Montessori, an education system which allows children to learn at their own pace, with a values-driven curriculum that lays a strong foundation and requires active involvement of parents in the learning process; to foster learning in a beautiful nature-inspired setting. Our approach encompasses these four pillars and we strongly believe that their role in a child’s development is paramount.


Our core is conceptualized on the Montessori philosophy which equips your child for future learning, hardwiring his or her capacity to engage with new material and information, by providing the right tools to manipulate it. Montessori involves self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play which promotes confidence, concentration, creativity and coordination in children.

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Strong focus on values

The entire team at Supaksha is committed to provide an environment that is reflective of the values we strongly believe in – respect, gratitude, freedom, joy, responsibility and honesty. Each experience that the habitat imparts and each decision that we make, keeps your child at the heart and values as our guiding ideology. “We live what we are set to deliver in everything we do.”

Parent partnership

A child’s journey begins at home and parents are the role models who can deeply impact the learning outcomes. With this belief, Supaksha intends to forge a strong bond with the parents and families to partner for a child’s growth. We have designed a structured involvement plan which encourages parents to attend workshops, volunteer, evangelise and play a lead role in creating enriching and long-lasting impact on the children.


Exposure to nature reminds children of the importance of infinite different creations and how beautifully they all dwell together. Nature unknowingly invokes patience, quiet, observation and imagination. The Supaksha habitat is designed to showcase an environment which is representative of nature. Our goal is to provide a vibrant atmosphere, flow of positive energy, happy faces, authentic people, humility in attitude and candid conversations.

Teaching a child to read, write and count is important. But nurturing a child into becoming a socially and emotionally competent individual is fundamental for them to live a truly fulfilling life.