“A mind that is confined within the walls of do’s and don’ts can seldom think creatively.”

Who are we

Supaksha meaning “with beautiful wings”, is an early learning habitat for children. Like a butterfly – each so different in size, design and color yet symbolizing a beauty so unique to them – every child is unique. Conceptualized on the same fact, Supaksha strives to celebrate the individuality of your child by giving him or her the wings of freedom – freedom to discover, choose, explore, express, experiment and create.

Our Philosophy

Education in its truest form should be liberating. It should be about how to think, more than what to think. Facilitating ways in which children can soar to great heights on the wings of creative freedom is Supaksha’s central belief system. Hence, our primary role is to support the direction that your child’s mind is naturally willing to take and nurture the free mind; mind that is free from stereotypes, mind that can create and not ape, mind that can navigate through the ups and downs of life without any fear, mind that asks and answers without any prejudice.

Our goal is to make your child strong and independent, so he or she grows up to be a free thinker; for it is the free thinkers who invent and innovate, and don’t settle for the obvious. Equipping your child with a mind that is not constrained by what exists will allow him or her to create the world rather than inherit it.

Our Mission

Every child leads their own journey to develop through the first few years of life. We aim to support and guide your child through these early years and lay a strong foundation through value-based Montessori education. Accordingly, we want to provide an environment where your child can learn through experimentation, inquiry and exploration, and discover different concepts at his or her own pace. At Supaksha, we are committed towards:

  • Overall development of your child – intellectually, socially and emotionally
  • Imparting values that promote moral responsibility
  • Encouraging creativity beyond the boundaries of do’s and don’ts
  • Providing a safe and secure environment
  • Making learning fun

Our objective is to provide your child with an environment that will enable his or her overall growth. Education here is the beginning of a lifelong love for learning.

Why us

Supaksha is positioned to attract open-minded parents who seek flexibility and choices in an early learning environment for their children. We intend to break the mould of one-size-fits-all way of learning and provide noteworthy experiences that will enable your child to enhance creative thinking, improve cognitive skills and nurture the inner core potential.

We understand that each child in the habitat means the world to someone. Therefore, we take utmost care to ensure that we contribute in raising an individual who beams with energy and has a strong value system.