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Where unique wings take flight

Welcome to Supaksha

Supaksha means “with beautiful wings”, symbolizing the unique beauty of the vibrant wings of a butterfly. True to its name, Supaksha , the early learning habitat for children, celebrates the individuality and beauty of each child. Like a butterfly – each so different and alluring in its own capacity, every child is distinct. Treading on the same path , Supaksha strives to celebrate the uniqueness of every child by giving him/her the wings of freedom – freedom to discover, choose, explore, express, experiment and create.

  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Commitment to Safety


    Education in its truest form should be liberating. It should be about how to think and not what to think. At Supaksha , the primary aim is to nurture free minds which are free from all prejudice. Minds that aspire to create and navigate through challenges of life fearlessly.



    At Supaksha, every child is meticulously mentored to develop respect and love for everyone around, exhibit gratitude for a beautiful life, enjoy the freedom to explore and express, celebrate the joy of existence, grow with a responsible mindset and practice honesty in thoughts and actions. Our primary objective is to provide a stimulating environment and planned opportunities for the all-round development of children and nurturing them into becoming strong, independent and compassionate human beings





    At Supaksha, we take your child’s safety seriously. CPR-trained staff, regularly scheduled safety audits of the building and equipments, CCTV cameras, access control, strict appointment-only visitor policy are some of our measures to ascertain your child’s safety.

Nurturing Free Minds

Education in its truest form should be liberating. It should be about how to think and not what to think. At Supaksha, our role is to nurture free minds, minds that are free from any stereotypes; minds that can create and not ape, minds that can navigate through the challenges of life without any fear, minds that do not need conditioning to perform.




Our approach

Supaksha promotes safe and independent exploration and learning through hands-on activities and lessons. The unique curriculum is created to cater to multiple intelligences of children, hence, building a strong foundation for them to grow into well rounded individuals.


Montessori-inspired curriculum

Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, the Montessori method of education is rooted in the belief that education should be attuned to a child’s development and not confined by a set curriculum. It is an approach that values the human spirit and is focused on physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of a child.

Value based education

Values build character and are the guiding force for all the decisions that we make in life. At Supaksha, these values are seamlessly weaved into a day’s routine to imbibe them in the spirit of children by experiencing, observing and practicing.

Close to nature

The Supaksha habitat is designed to showcase an environment which is representative of nature as we truly believe exposure to nature reminds children to appreciate beauty and co- existence.

Parent engagement

At Supaksha, we believe that an effective partnerships between parents and schools leads to holistic development of a child and better learning outcomes. With this belief, Supaksha intends to forge a strong bond with the parents and families to partner for a child’s growth

Our Habitat Rules

    • Keep quiet Speak up
    • Don’t run settle
    • Don’t be late It’s never too late
    • Follow teacher’s instructions your heart
    • Don’t break the rules Question the rules

Our Philosophy & Values


We take joy in every small thing we do


We are truthful to ourselves and to others.


We believe in ourselves and follow our dreams with no bounds


We recognize and are thankful for what we are blessed with


We practice respect and love towards all


We act thoughtfully and responsibly in everything we undertake

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